Mari Holopainen

  • 38 years old and mother for two great kids (3 and 8 years old), living in Kulosaari
  • Green City Councillor, chairperson for the Uusimaa regional council, member of culture and leisure committee, board member of Port of Helsinki
  • PhD Candidate & Researcher at Aalto University
  • M.Sc.(Econ.) from Helsinki School of Economics
  • A visiting researcher at Oxford (2013) and Berkeley (2009)
  • Exchange student in Mexico (2004), Canada (2003) and France (1998-1999)
  • Language skills: Finnish (native), English and French (fluent), Spanish and Swedish (average) and German (basics)
  • Free time activities: Yoga, running, visual arts

Running for the Parliament in 2019

I am a Green Helsinki city councillor and researcher in organizational studies, who believes in renewal and ingenuity. My candidate number is 30.

I am hard-working, experienced and good at collaboration. I want to save the planet, guarantee an equal society and renew the economy. I have ten years of experience as a city councillor. I value research for developing my understanding of different perspectives on major issues.  In 2019, bold actions are needed.

Election promises:

1) I will pursue more equitable policy based on scientific knowledge. I promise to do my utmost to ensure that Finland is among the global leaders tackling climate change and preventing species loss. I will promote EU cooperation and transparency.

2) Investment in creative industries, competencies and new technologies needs to be more courageous. Finnish business strategy must be updated and focused on leveraging the innovation of cities. Education is not an expense but an investment.

3) I will work hard to ensure Finland is the world’s most equal country. We need family leave reform to support families and equal work. Preventive child welfare must be promoted and marginalization of young people prevented, and elderly care advanced.

Please, find out more about my goals and thoughts here.
Please, contact for further information: mari.holopainen ( at) or +358407620944

Photo: Susanna Kekkonen

My Goals for Helsinki

  • An open and international Helsinki
  • Well-being from innovative entrepreneurship and know-how
  • Walking district for the city centre and space for biking
  • Nature and parks in an attractive city
  • Equal opportunities for education

Fairness, choice and climate responsibility

The local government policy of the Greens is based on the following positions:

  • Responsibility for the climate belongs to everyone
  • Biodiversity and animal welfare are also local government issues
  • Public services create quality of life
  • It is better to invest in health rather than pay for illness
  • High-quality basic education is the basis for equality
  • Municipalities must be fair employers
  • The people must have a say in public affairs
  • Poverty can be beaten, indifference can be vanquished
  • The rights of minorities must be defended
  • The promotion of equality belongs also to local government
  • Tolerant and multiculturally oriented municipalities have the best chances of success